Public Relations

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A simple definition of marketing is "the getting and keeping of customers." To sell your product or service, you must have customers. To increase your revenues, you must have customers, and you must turn those customers into repeat super-customers.
Sell seminar seats fast so you meet your minimal seminar marketing goals. Discover 5 seminar promotion secrets to fill seminar seats quickly.
How to Make Your Business More Memorable (& Profitable)
Do you and your representatives know what to do when there is a fly in your customer'ssoup? Does everyone know how to react to problems the customer has with your business? This article will show you how to save the customer when there is a fly in the soup in the form of a problem servicing your custoemrs.
Article tells readers how to get publicity by writing letters to the editor.
If your release sounds like advertising, it will not be read by many people and will be accepted by even fewer distributors.
Speaking in public - Quick tips for advancing your skills.
While small busines owners often cannot afford a comprehensive PR campaign, they can take strategic steps to successfully market themselves and build publicity that do not have to cost a lot of money.

Marketing Lessons from Ben and Jerry

Ben and Jerry practiced a powerful marketing model. This article discuses these secrets with a first hand account of their methods

How To Prepare For A Fundraising Event

A lack of funding can easily mean that a candidate who should have otherwise easily swept the votes at the poles could end up simply treading water.
. A press release is a good way to drum up some interest from potential customers looking to purchase the product. As the weeks get closer to the release of the product then there may be more press releases just to get more people interested in the product.

Promoting Business on CD (Pt. 2)

In Part 1, we introduced the promoting your business by taking sales information and distributing it in one neat package...the compact disc. Check out our Part 2.

The Important Role Of Public Relations

Public relations plays a key role in helping business industries create strong relationships with customers.