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Reality TV has hit an all time low with "The Big Donor Show" ... a programme offering viewers the opportunity to watch a critically ill woman choose who to give her kidney to. Here's our top five ways to use your extra kidney!

Useless Bits of Body

An interesting and lighthearted look at what body parts people can live without, and what the uses are for others. The article raises the interesting question of 'why do we have two nostrils?'

Cheltenham Festival '07

A brief look at some of the highlights at this year's Cheltenham Science Festival.

An Eye for an Apprentice

An interesting look at physiognomy - The 500 year old theory of judging people based on how far appart their eyes are. Physiognomy is then applied to the hit tv show, The Apprentice, to judge who really should have won.

Dishing The Dirt On Dosh

Handing over a couple of pounds for a drink or a bite to eat is all too easy, maybe even pay with plastic if you are feeling that way inclined. Ten thousand years ago, however, you couldn't stick it on the credit card, you were more likely to be paying in cows - money has come a long way.

Footwear's Untold History

Whether it's sandals, trainers or high heels, we usually go out with something on our feet in the morning. But where have these traditions come from?

Destination: Saturn

Ever thought about Saturn as a holiday destination? Me neither, but if you were to choose Saturn as your next holiday destination there are a few things that you will need to know about your trip....

Science Predicts the PM

When someone starts a new job they are always judged against their predecessors. Prime Ministers are no exception. On June 27th Gordon Brown will take over the reins as Prime Minister. The Labour Party has put its trust in the man who has been heir apparent for the last ten years, but is it right to do so?

The Humble Inventor

Some of the world's greatest innovators are people you've never heard of. Everyone knows about Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone), Edward Jenner (vaccination) and the like. But there are a whole host of less obvious inventions that probably never even entered your invention radar - if you have such a thing.