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Top 3 Vacations Spots for Geeks

Geeks like to party too, but if you've got better things to do than work on your abs and your tan 7 days a week, then those sexy cliche tourist hot spots could leave you feeling a bit out of place. If you're looking for a vacation with a bit more substance, take a look at this list of the top 3 adventure vacation spots for geeks:
In every European city, there are a few hotel gems that truly capture the nuances of the city and make for a more culturally rich experience. We've searched though thousands of hotels, poured through visitor comments, and finally compiled a list of unique, stylistic European hotels that are certain to enhance the quality of your travel adventure.
Athens can be overwhelming to tourists looking for Athens hotels that are reasonably priced and close to the attractions they want. There are still good Athens hotels to be found for people in the know.
If you are traveling to London, you have may see the usual sites: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud's. London, like many of Europe's cities, can offer the curious traveler more than old buildings and museum tours. The history of the city contains many eerie and macabre events and some London hotels sport their very own ghosts that the lucky, or unlucky, lodger might encounter.
In recent years, e-learning has become a major part of many business HR strategies, but is it killing employee morale and undermining the value of teamwork? Some experts caution that too much solitary e-learning can lead to employee isolation and a breakdown of the team approach to business.
Those of us hunting for an adventure of a different type check into Brussels hotels for a decadent trip through a fantasy land made of cocoa and hops.

Munich: A City Reborn

Munich is not only one of Europe's most popular travel destinations, Munich hotels and the city itself have a surprising and colorful history.
Reading through the list of ingredients that make up crystal meth seems more like the inventory of a toxic waste dump than something people would willingly put into their bodies. As you read through the list, it's difficult not to wonder who in their right mind would have tried putting all of these things together and then ingesting them into their body.