Specialist software developer Unlock-The-iPhone.com (http://www.unlock-the-iphone.com) has today announced the launch of proprietary software integrated within their iPhone unlocking solution, designed to unlock the latest iPhone handsets as easily as possible, without damaging the iPhone handset.

(1 September 2008) – Specialist software solutions provider Unlock-The-iPhone.com has today announced a new version of its proprietary unlocking software; the only available software product capable of unlocking the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone unlocking specialists have designed a unique update to their software application which unlocks every available model of iPhone to date, including the iPhone 3G, allowing the user to select alternative networks without jeopardizing features or damaging the handset.

The Unlock-The-iPhone.com unlocking solution is compatible with both PCs and Macs, and comes with guaranteed customer support around the clock to facilitate any technical queries. The software also comes with lifetime updates to all future Unlock-The-iPhone.com solutions, allowing users to benefit from freedom of network choice with future generation iPhone models.

Daryl Smith of Unlock-The-iPhone.com (http://www.unlock-the-iphone.com) told consumers he was proud of the ease of use of their iPhone unlocking software, and the ‘one click solution’ to unlock all models in the iPhone range.

“We find a growing number of consumers are keen to transform their iPhones through unlocking. Choosing a network is something we most definitely take for granted until we’ve been denied that freedom, and our unlocking solution provides the answer to that problem, without running the risk of damaging the iPhone handset.”

“Our software is reliable, easy to use and effective. There’s no margin for error here – thanks to this product, even iPhone 3G models can be unlocked without any technical experience or know-how. And if you do get stuck, we’ve got comprehensive customer support to deal with any queries. That’s why we’re leading the field in the iPhone unlocking market.”

With over one million copies sold to customers worldwide, Unlock-The-iPhone.com is one of the most successful cross-model iPhone unlocking software providers.

‘Unlocking’ enables the user to contract with any network provider, regardless of the default installed factory network settings.